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Teachers felt that it was

Teachers felt that it was impossible to advocate against agricultural pesticide use around schools while equally dangerous pesticides were being applied right under their own noses. They took their concern to the district Board of Trustees meeting and presented their evidence: Roundup was being used on school campuses, and was proven to not only persist in the environment but also to increase the risk of numerous health harms and children are the most vulnerable. The issue was put on the agenda and the following month the board voted unanimously in favor of banning Roundup, while also electing an alternative herbicide made of cinnamon and clove oil..

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The massive scale of required investment has prompted governments to ask for assistance. At a meeting with officials of the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) in February, Kenneth Konga, Zambia’s water and development minister, asked donor agencies to help the region meet the gap in financing power generation. “Zambia and the region are going through a challenging period,” Mr.

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