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IOWA CITY (KWWL) After a downward trend in the numer of methamphetamine arrests, a new cheap and easy recipe could give the drug a rebound. Making meth used to require an elaborate lab with hundreds of pills that gave off foul odors, and was so hard to conceal that dealers often “cooked” in rural areas.A state narcotics agent we spoke with told us this variety of meth is made by putting ingredients like household chemicals and crushed pseudoephedrine pills in a plastic pop bottle, shaking them, then baking the mixture.”Shake and bake” meth requires no open flame to be made, and produces only a small amount, but Special Agent John Graham says it no less addictive or toxic.”It a simpler version of manufacturing meth,” said Graham. He says the mixture of metal lithium strips and chemicals is volatile, and can blow up.

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The article, however, is still important. Aven represents a small remaining group of relatively influential economic and political liberals who regret Russia’s recent course away from the West. Aven’s text never mentions Putin by name and makes only passing references to modern Russia, though it does recall at length the Soviet Union’s oil dependence and its role in the country’s demise.

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After having been sold here from 1984 to 1991, the Micra disappeared from the Canadian market for 21 years, although it was still available in Europe. When it returned to Canada last year, the little hatchback effectively caused shock waves throughout the cheap and cheerful subcompact segment with its starting price of $9,998. Not since Hyundai launched the Accent in 2008, has this segment seen a sub $10,000 vehicle.

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