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42, the number he wore in college and with the Timerbwolves, was worn by fake ray bans Nate Thurmond and retired in Cleveland. He considered No. 11, his Olympic number, but that was worn by Zydrunas Ilgauskas and also hangs from the rafters at Quicken Loans Arena.

Dental procedures, especially those that result in a bacteraemia, are frequently blamed for IE, hence the need for antibiotic prophylaxis to cover such procedures in at risk patients. This has been the clinical doctrine and teaching for the past 50 years. Recent evidence from the USA4 and studies from the Netherlands5, 6 have presented further data which challenges the practice of prescribing antibiotics before dental procedures to prevent endocarditis.

A juvenile beaver from Bamff estate, now named Isla, has been given to the boys as their new mascot. We hope that she will help to compensate them for the loss of Erica.Beavers at Bamff are kept in large enclosures and are not trapped, tagged or handled in any way. They live as if in the wild.Iain Valentine, Director of Animals, Education and Conservation, stated: Keepers at Edinburgh Zoo were saddened recently to find the wild beaver captured by SNH dead in its enclosure.SNH were immediately informed and this is obviously very disappointing news for all concerned.

Larry Bird of the Celtics led the league in free throw percentage (.930). Steve Kerr of the Cleveland Cavaliers led in 3 point shooting percentage (.507). Jon Stockton of the Utah Jazz led in assists (14.5). In her 1990 Star Ledger obituary, Vaughn, a Newark native, was called “one of the greatest singing voices of this century.” More than twenty years later, it’s apparent that Vaughn’s voice is one of the greatest in any century. Her voice was so grand that people suggested she’d be equally talented at opera; it was so big that it made her tiny body (she was under five feet tall) seem even smaller by comparison. After winning an Apollo contest for amateur performers, Vaughn started working in Earl Hines’s and Billy Eckstine’s jazz bands.

Make the meal authentic and finish with hot sake or a sake bomb. European dishes showcased at dinner include gnocchi, paella, seafood bouillabaisse and filet mignon. The menu can accommodate vegetarian diets. “You may deceive all the people part of the time, and part of the people all the time .”, begins Abraham Lincoln’s famous aphorism about democracy but in a multi party democratic system, that is usually enough. In a parliamentary system like Turkey’s, 49 per cent of the popular vote gives you a comfortable majority of seats, and so Recep Tayyib Erdogan will rule Turkey for another four years. If it lasts that long..

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