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If a voter accidentally

If a voter accidentally comes to the wrong polling place, we can find them in our database and we can tell them where their proper polling location is, he said. Can do that in about 10 seconds. The $777,000 cost to bring the tool to 60 precincts isn cheap, Tieche insists the transition will save Metro money in the long run.

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“That was a whole different scale,” said FVRD parks manager Doug Wilson of the noisy and financially insolvent Retrofest. “You had a beer garden and a whole bunch of other different things, and it didn’t work out that well. This is more some local bands having the opportunity to play in a park.”.

Today the value is around $1270, a record high. The recent spike is likely due to speculation that it may be approved for trading by the Securities and Trade Commission as soon as next week. “We seen a 74% year over year increase in bitcoin sales over the last 6 months,” Klee said.

Shollenberger was in the process of counting the protest votes Tuesday morning. “We have a lot of people on the street collecting signatures,” she said earlier Tuesday. “There is a real outcry in the community today.” Each signature has to be verified to be counted, she added.

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